CS294: Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Project Presentations

Tuesday November 17

09:40 Tatyana Gordeeva
Group representations and mixing times

10:20 Piyush Srivastava
The Kruskal count and wild kangaroos

Thursday November 19

09:40 Kevin Dick
Generating a random spanning tree

10:20 Bharath Ramsundar
Truncated cubes and the knapsack problem

Tuesday November 24

09:40 Dapo Omidiran
The Dobrushin uniqueness condition

10:20 Sahand Neghaban
An optimal scheme for approximate counting

Tuesday December 1

09:40 Alekh Agarwal
Convex optimization via random sampling

10:20 Andrew Chan
Computing the surface area of a convex body

Thursday December 3

09:40 Mu Cai
Evolving sets

10:20 Sharmodeep Bhattacharyya
Clustering using evolving sets

Tuesday December 8

09:40 Anindya De
RL vs L

10:20 Anand Bhaskar
Matchings in non-bipartite graphs

Thursday December 10

09:40 Dirk Sudholt
Ant colony optimization

10:20 Merry Christmas!