Stefanie Jegelka

I am a postdoc at UC Berkeley, working with Michael Jordan and Trevor Darrell. I am a member of the AMPlab and also a visitor at the International Computer Science Institute. In 2015, I will be joining the EECS Department at MIT as an assistant professor.
Before coming to Berkeley, I did my PhD in Bernhard Schölkopf's group at the Max Planck Institutes in beautiful Tübingen and graduated from ETH Zurich. During my PhD, I have worked with Jeff Bilmes, and before that with Ulrike von Luxburg and Arthur Gretton.

I like to spend my brain cycles thinking about combinatorial problems in Machine Learning, in particular how to exploit nice mathematical structure for new models and efficient algorithms. My interests include submodularity and discrete optimization, graph problems, graphical models, kernel methods and clustering, distributed machine learning, and applications e.g. in computer vision and biology.


submit to DISCML 2014 at NIPS!

Lectures at MADALGO summer school 2014

Tutorial on Submodularity in Machine Learning at ICML 2013