Neil Zhenqiang Gong

         Ph.D. Candidate
         Computer Science Division
         University of California, Berkeley
         Office: 721 Soda Hall

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Inference Attacks

Data has become an essential component in many modern systems such as online social networks, mobile computing, malware detection, and medical systems. These systems contain a mix of both publicly available data and private/hidden data. I demonstrate that hidden information, including friendships between users, user attributes, and identities of anonymous users, can be inferred from publicly available data with high accuracies. The fundamental reason is that hidden data is correlated with public data, and machine learning techniques can capture such correlations.


Inferring user identity via text analysis

Measuring and modeling the interactions between social relationships and user attributes, which shed light on the inferences of hidden social relationships and user attributes

Jointly inferring hidden social relationships and user attributes

De-anonymizing social networks

Inferring mobile apps that a user is interested in


  • Dawn Song (My advisor)
  • Arvind Narayanan (Professor at Princeton University)
  • Hristo Paskov (Ph.D. student at Stanford University)
  • Elaine Shi (Professor at University of Maryland)
  • Emil Stefanov (Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley)
  • Wenchang Xu (Visiting student from Tsinghua University)
  • Ling Huang (Research scientist at Intel Labs)
  • Prateek Mittal (Professor at Princeton University)
  • Vyas Sekar (Professor at CMU)
  • Ameet Talwalkar (Professor at UCLA)
  • Lester Mackey (Professor at Stanford University)
  • John Bethencourt (?)
  • Richard Shin (Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley)
  • Mathias Payer (Professor at Purdue University)
  • Kevin Borgolte (Ph.D. student at UC Santa Barbara)
  • Mario Frank (Postdoc at UC Berkeley)
  • Shouling Ji (Ph.D. student at Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Weiqing Li (Undergraduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Raheem Beyah (Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Bin Liu (Ph.D. student at Rutgers University)
  • Deguang Kong (Researcher at Samsung Research America)
  • Lei Cen (Ph.D. student at Purdue University)
  • Hongxia Jin (Director at Samsung Research America)
  • Hui Xiong (Professor at Rutgers University)