Neil Zhenqiang Gong

         Ph.D. Candidate
         Computer Science Division
         University of California Berkeley
         Office: 721 Soda Hall

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Neural Network Modeling

While most of my work focused on security and privacy, I have also done research work in neural network modeling. For instance, I leaded a research project in my first semester as a graduate student, and the result was published in a prestigious journal. Determining the evolution of pigmentation patterns on mollusk seashells -- which could aid in the understanding of ancient nervous systems -- has proved to be a challenging feat for researchers. To cope with this challenge, we first constructed a neural network model for the nervous systems of mollusk seashells, which can reproduce their pigmentation patterns. Moreover, we combine our model with phylogenetic analysis to infer the patterns of ancient seashells. Our work was featured as a breakthrough by various media.



  • Nick Matzke (Postdoc at UC Berkeley)
  • Bard Ermentrout (Professor at University of Pittsburgh)
  • Dawn Song (Professor at UC Berkeley)
  • Jann E. Vendetti (Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley)
  • Montgomery Slatkin (Professor at UC Berkeley)
  • George Oster (Professor at UC Berkeley)