Neil Zhenqiang Gong

         Ph.D. Candidate
         Computer Science Division
         University of California, Berkeley
         Office: 721 Soda Hall

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  • TA for CS161 - Computer Security (Fall 2014) at UC Berkeley. Professor: Doug Tygar
    Prepared worksheets for weekly discussion sections
    Prepared review sheets
    Taught weekly discussion sections


  • Yu Wu, master student at UC Davis
    Ongoing project on passive authentications using wearable devices
  • Peng Gao, Ph.D student at Princeton University
    Project on detecting Sybils in social networks via defense-in-depth
    Result is under submission
  • Runyu Zhang, undergraduate student at UC Berkeley
    Project on understanding user review behaviors on mobile markets
    Project on inferring user attributes using review behaviors
    Results are under submission
  • Wenchang Xu, visiting Ph.D. student from Tsinghua University
    Projects on social-attribute network analysis and modeling
    Results were published in IMC'12 and SNAM'14
  • Dongqu Chen, undergraduate student at USTC (now a Ph.D. student at Yale University)
    Projects on efficient database query processings
    Result was published in APWeb'11