CS170 Class Registration and Instructional Account Information

Course Registration How to Obtain an Instructional Account How to Submit Programming Assignments How to Look at Your Grades

Course Registration

Everyone must register electronically for the course.

If you have a CS170 instructional account just type 'register -c cs170' and the program will ask you for your name and SID.

If you have a named account in CS, you don't need to get a CS170 account, but before you can register you need to change your path and copy a directory:

cp -r /share/b/grading/B B

cd B

set path = (/share/b/grading/bin/arch $path)

setenv MASTERDIR ~cs170

./register -c cs170

How to Obtain an Instructional Account

Using one of the workstations on the 2nd floor, run the program newacct. If you are on the Telebears class list, the program will generate a new account for you. If not, you'll be told what you need to do.

If you have any questions about instructional accounts, send mail to root@cory.

How to Submit Programming Assignments

Make a new directory progx_170 and put all the files for the assignment in it.

From your home directory

1. Type 'cd progx_170'.

2. Type 'printenv MASTERDIR'; if the environment is not properly set type 'setenv MASTERDIR ~cs170'.

3. Type 'printenv PATH'; if /share/b/grading/bin/arch is not in your path, type 'set path =(/share/b/grading/bin/arch $path)'.

4. Submit the assignment by typing the command '~[your login]/B/submit -c cs170 progx_170'.

5. The program will check that all necessary files are present and ask for your partners names.

6. If you are only submitting assignments for one class, you can put the environment variables and path additions in your .cshrc file. If you are submitting for other classes, however, you'll have to change your path and environment variables each time you submit.

7. If you get a response of 'command not found', try a different computer. The program is only compiled for Intel processors.

If you have any more questions about submitting or you get an error message, send mail to root@cory.

How to Check Your Grades

Believe it or not, you have to change your path yet again:

setenv MASTERDIR ~cs170
setenv ARCH `uname -m`
set path = (~cs170/bin/arch/$ARCH $path)

Now: cd B

type './glookup'

If it tells you 'command not found', it's probably because the program has not been compiled for your type of processor. rlogin to po.eecs and try it again.