EconCS Seminar

We will gather weekly to discuss topics at the intersection of economics and computer science.

Every Tuesday at 12:30 during the Fall 2010 semester.
410 Hearst Mining building


Sep 07 | Dafna Shahaf  on Connecting the Dots between News Articles

Sep 21 | Elliot Anshelevich  on Contribution Games in Social Networks

Oct 05 | Ron Berman  on The Role of Search Engine Optimization in Search Advertisings

Oct 12 | Aranyak Mehta  on Online Ad Allocation

Oct 19 | Leslie Fine  on Mechanism Design Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Oct 26 | Alekh Agarwal  on Optimal Allocation Strategies for the Dark Pool Problem

Nov 02 | Ariel Procaccia  on Optimization under Social Choice Constraints

Nov 09 | Denis Nekipelov  on A Structural Model of Sponsored Search Advertising Auctions

Nov 16 | Omar Nayeem  on Efficient Electorates

Nov 23 | Ashish Goel  on Reputation and Trust in Social Networks

Nov 30 | Grant Schoenebeck  on Potential Networks, Contagious Communities, and Social Network Structure

Dec 07 | Dana Sisak  on Transparency and Welfare in Contests

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