EconCS Seminar

We will gather weekly to discuss topics at the intersection of economics and computer science.

Every Tuesday at 12:00 during the Spring 2010 semester.
410 Hearst Mining building.


Jan 26 | Nicholas Economides  on Net Neutrality on the Internet

Feb 02 | Yaron Singer  on New Results on Incentives and Computation in Combinatorial Public Projects

Feb 09 | Edo Liberty  on Reduction of Clustering to Learning

Feb 16 | Shaddin Dughmi  on the Power of Randomization in Algorithmic Mechanism Design

Feb 23 | Maciej Kotowski on First-Price Auctions and Budget Constrained Bidders

Mar 02 | Omer Tamuz on Bayesian Gaussian Estimator Networks

Mar 09 | Elad Hazan on How hard is it to approximate the best Nash equilibrium?

Mar 30 | Christos Papadimitriou on Optimal Auctions

Apr 06 | Michael Ostrovsky on Information Aggregation in Dynamic Markets with Strategic Traders

Apr 13 | Amos Fiat on Combinatorial Auctions with Budgets

Apr 20 | John Hegeman on Facebook Ad Auctions

Apr 27 | Yash Kanoria on Fast Convergence of Natural Bargaining Dynamics in Exchange Networks

May 04| Shahar Dobzinski on Multi-Unit Auctions


For nostalgia see the Spring09
Fall09 schedules.

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