EconCS Seminar

We will gather weekly to discuss topics at the intersection of economics and computer science.

Every Tuesday at 12:00 during the Spring 2011 semester.
410 Hearst Mining building


Feb 01 | Virginia Vassilevska  on Single Elimination Tournaments in the Braverman-Mossel model

Feb 08 | Hari Phatak  on Menu Design in Corporate Forecasting Games

Feb 15 | George Pierrakos  on On the Competitive Ratio of Online Sampling Auctions

Feb 22 | Yaron Singer  on Mechanisms for Maximizing Influence in Social Networks

Mar 01 | Aviv Zohar  on Economics of BitTorrent Communities

Mar 08 | Eric Friedman  on Bargaining Solutions in the Cloud

Mar 15 | Tom Griffiths  on Bayesian models of cognition

Mar 29 | Mukund Sundararajan  on Attributing Changes in Multilinear Characteristic Functions

Apr 05 | Anand Kulkarni  on Online Labor Markets

Apr 12 | Jake Abernethy  on Combinatorial Prediction Markets and Efficient Automated Market Makers

Apr 19 | Joan de Marti  on Identity and Social Distance in Network Formation

Apr 25 | Elchanan Mossel  on Talking to Your Friends Makes it Worse - But by How Much?

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