CS267: Lecture 3

Parallel Machine Models

September 5, 2001

Lecturer: Kathy Yelick


We begin with a continuation of Lecture 2, examining optimizations of matrix multiplication (search-based blocking and Strassens' algorithm), as well as a set of techniques for optimizing serial programs.  We then move on to the main topic of today's lecture: parallelism models.  We discuss several models of parallel machines and the programming models that most naturally fit on those machines.  We give an overview of shared memory, distributed memory, and data parallelism.  We note that one machine may support several different models, however, and the models typically differ in how complicated they are to use and how well they perform.  

2001 Lecture Notes

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  • Chapter 1 and 2 of Ian Foster's book.
  • Assignments

    Assignment 1 (due 9/19/01). We have assigned "multidisciplinary" teams of 2-3 students for this assignment. If you are not in a team, please contact David Bindel (dbindel@cs).