CS267: Lecture 15

Sparse Matrix -Vector Multiply

October 17, 2001

Lecturer: Kathy Yelick


We explore the design space for sparse matrix-vector multiplication, including optimizations for register blocking, cache blocking, exploiting symmetry, using multiple vectors, and reordering.   

2001 Lecture Notes

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Homework 3: Conjugate Gradient due 11/7
Final projects will be due Friday, December 14th.  (A poster session will be scheduled sometime earlier the week of the 10-14th.)


  • Matrix multiplication case study from Ian Foster's book.
  • A 3D Approach to Parallel Matrix Multiplication, by R. C. Agarwal, S. M. Balle, F. G. Gustavson, M. Joshi, and P. Palkar.
  • Recursive Array Layouts and Fast Parallel Matrix Multiplication by S. Chatterjee, A. R. Lebeck, P. K. Patnala, and M. Thottethodi.
  • Cache-Oblivious Algorithms, by Matteo Frigo, Charles E. Leiserson, Harald Prokop, and Sridhar Ramachandran.
  • E. Elmroth and F. Gustavson. A New Much Faster and Simpler Algorithm for LAPACK DGELS.
    Report UMINF-00.23. September 2000. Submitted to BIT.