Yun S. Song

I am an associate professor of EECS, Statistics, and Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. My research centers about computational biology, mathematical population genetics, and applied probability.

I am a member of the Center for Computational Biology and the Center for Theoretical Evolutionary Genomics at UC Berkeley.

In Spring 2014, I co-organized a semester-long program on "Evolutionary Biology and the Theory of Computing" at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing.

A note on my name: There are only 7 characters in my first and last names combined. Despite this seeming simplicity, a number of people have shown their creativity in misspelling my name. Some examples include "Sun Yong, Yun Sun, Yun Sung, Yung Song, Yon Song, Yun Soon, Jun Song", and just plain "Yum" and "Yup." My first name is Yun, pronounced "Yoon"; please don't spell it that way, though. Also, my middle name is not Song.

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