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Lecture notes are available in postscript, pdf, and powerpoint formats. To save paper, postscript and pdf are formatted 6 pages per 8.5" by 11". Postscript files are good for printing, but pdf files are usually better for viewing on the screen. (Note: you can zoom in on pdf files to read them better.) Pdf files are generally 8-16 times smaller than the postscipt since pdf files don't include any fonts.

Note that sometimes ghostview has trouble properly displaying postscript files, although they often print okay even when that occurs. Every effort will be made to get the notes on the web prior to the lecture. Note, however, that the notes may be updated slightly following the lecture.

Powerpoint is for instructors who want to give lectures themselves based on CS 61C. These 977 slides, which are more than the pages in the textbook Computer Organization and Design, are for your noncommercial use. Note that I still use a Macintosh, so they were created in  Office 98 Powerpoint; sometimes there are formating differences in terms of line spacing and font size. If you want to view the Powerpoint version, there is a reader available for free. If you'd rather not use Microsoft software, StarOffice has a free presentation system that can read and write Powerpoint, and it runs on several Unixes as well as Windows.

Permission is granted to copy and distribute this material for educational purposes only, provided that the complete bibliographic citation and following credit line is included: "Copyright 2000 UCB." Permission is granted to alter and distribute this material provided that the following credit line is included: "Adapted from (complete bibliographic citation). Copyright 2000 UCB." This material may not be copied or distributed for commercial purposes without express written permission of the copyright holder, unless it is simply for readers for courses distributed by copy centers such as Kinko's.
Week Day Date Lecture Slides Lecture Topic Lab Project / Homework Relevant Reading
html Comments after class was completed; read before using class material.
1 Wed 30-Aug ps, pdf, ppt Intro: computer anatomy, course overview 1: Logon, read/write email, newsgroup, simple program   COD: 1.1, 1.2,1.3, 1.6, 1.7
  Fri 1-Sep ps, pdf, ppt C vs. Java quick review   HW1: Ch 1 homework
K&R: 5.1- 5.5, 8.7
2 Wed 6-Sep ps, pdf, ppt Number representation (2s comp, overflow) & Logical 2: Base conversion C program
  COD: 4.1,4.2,4.3, 4.4; K&R: 2.2, 2.6, 2.9, 6.9
  Fri 8-Sep ps, pdf, ppt C/ASM Operations, Operands, Immediates   Proj1: Philspel 
HW2: Ch 3 homework 1
COD:3.1, 3.2, 3.3; K&R: 1.1, 1.2,1.6, 2.4, 2.5
3 Wed 13-Sep ps, pdf, ppt C/ASM Decisions: if, goto, while, case 3: 1st MIPS program
  COD: 3.5; 3.8 (page 145); K&R: 1.3, 3.1-3.8
  Fri 15-Sep ps, pdf, ppt Machine Representation   HW3: Ch 3 homework 2
COD: 3.4, 3.8
4 Wed 20-Sep ps, pdf, ppt, err C/ASM Procedures: conventions, stack 4: Debugging MIPS   COD: A.6
  Fri 22-Sep ps, pdf, ppt Disassmebly; C/ASM functions, arrays, pointers C/ASM , Multiply/Divide   Proj2: sprintf 
COD: 3.6; K&R: 1.7, 1.8, 4.1-4.10
5 Wed 27-Sep ps, pdf, ppt C/ASM Floating Point Opeations 5: 2nd MIPS, recursion
solution1or solution2
  COD: 4.8, 4.10, 4.12, 4.13; K&R: 2.7
  Fri 29-Sep ps, pdf, ppt C/ASM Floating Point, Disassembly, Logical, Shift (if time)   HW4: Ch 3 /4
COD: 3.7; K&R: 1.9
6 Wed 4-Oct ps, pdf, ppt Starting a program 6: Floating point
  COD: 3.9, A.2, A.3, A.4; K&R: 4.11
  Fri 6-Oct ps, pdf, ppt C/ASM pointers, addressing, Asm wrapup   Proj3: disassembler 
COD: 3.10, 3.11, 3.13,3.14, 3.15; K&R: 5.1-5.5
7 Wed 11-Oct ps, pdf, ppt I/O Polling and Interrupts 7: C, MIPS, and Pointers
HW5: gdb
COD: 8.5; K&R: 7.6
  Fri 13-Oct ps, pdf, ppt OS and Nested Interrupts    HW6: I/O
COD: 8.5, 8.8
8 Wed 18-Oct ps, pdf, ppt I/O Devices : Networks 8: Signal in C
  COD: 8.9; K&R: 7.1-7.5
  Fri 20-Oct ps, pdf, ppt I/O Devices : Disks   Proj4: simulator
COD: 8.3
  Sun 22-Oct   Midterm Review starting 2PM (155 Dwinelle)      
9 Wed 25-Oct   Midterm (5PM 1 Pimintel) 9: Midterm feedback    
  Fri 27-Oct ps, pdf, ppt Cache Intro, Example    HW7:  disk/cache
COD: 7.1-7.3
10 Wed 1-Nov ps, pdf, ppt Cache Optimizations: Set Associativity, 2nd level cache, Suggestions for UC courses 10: Network examples (ping, traceroute) HW8:  cache/VM
COD: 7.4
  Fri 3-Nov ps, pdf, ppt Virtual memory, TLB   5: Proj5: I/O in MIPS COD: 7.5-7.7
11 Wed 8-Nov ps, pdf, ppt Processor Datapath ALU Hardware 11: Cache   COD: 5.1, 4.5
  Fri 10-Nov   Holiday      
12 Wed 15-Nov ps, pdf, ppt Processor Pipelining  12. Hackers R Us   COD: 6.1
  Fri 17-Nov ps, pdf, ppt Performance   6: Cache Simulator
COD: 2.1-2.5
13 Wed 22-Nov ps, pdf, ppt Pentium III instruction set, PIII v. P4, PC v. Mac specs 13. RAID parity calculation   COD: 3.12, 4.9
  Fri 24-Nov   Holiday      
14 Wed 29-Nov ps, pdf, ppt Difficult Topic Review: Pipelining, load-use hazards, delayed branch, branch prediction 14: Final feedback   COD: 6.1
  Fri 1-Dec ps, pdf, ppt Difficult Topic Review: Caches/TLB/VM     COD: 7.5
  Mon 4-Dec   Deadline to correct grade record (except last lab, homework)      
15 Wed 6-Dec ps, pdf, ppt Difficult Topic Review: Interrupts, Nested Interrupts, Course Review     COD App. A
  Fri 8-Dec ps, pdf, ppt 61C Summary/Cal heritage/Faculty, TA review      
  Sun 10-Dec   Final Review starting 2PM (155 Dwinelle)      
  Tue 12-Dec   Final (5PM 1 Pimintel): Tuesday      
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